Polar scientist, specializing in sea ice variability using observations and models.

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20th March - New commentary paper on "A possible link between winter Arctic sea ice decline and a collapse of the Beaufort High?" published in Geophysical Research Letters!

28th February - Lots of media interest surrounding this winter's extreme Arctic warming.

14th February - Talk at the AGU Ocean Sciences meeting on the Energetics of the Beaufort Gyre and its link to freshwater dynamics.

6th February - Paper on "The Arctic sea ice cover of 2016: A year of record-low highs and higher-than-expected lows" now published in The Cryosphere.

23rd January - Talk at the NASA ESA Snow on Sea Ice meeting on our NASA Eulerian Snow on Sea Ice Model (NESOSIM).

17th January - Talk at the NASA GSFC Climate and Radiation lab seminar series on Precipitation, accumulation and sea ice thickness over the Arctic Ocean.

2nd January 2018 - Paper on "The Arctic sea ice cover of 2016: A year of record low highs and higher than expected lows" accepted for publication in The Cryosphere!

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