Current students

Rebecca Frew (PhD candidate), Unversity of Reading, Reading, UK, since 2014 (co-supervisor).

Southern Ocean sea ice feedbacks using an idealized sea ice-mixed layer model (developed during my PhD).


Akira Sewnath (undergraduate student), NASA GSFC Summer Internship 2018, funded (supervisor).

Exploring novel machine learning techniques to improve sea ice predictions.

Ryan Klasky (undergraduate student), University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2016-2017 (supervisor).

Antarctic sea ice forecasting.

Colton Byers (masters student), Naval Academy, Anapolis, MD, 2016 (co-supervisor).

Explored the use of commercial off­-the-­shelf (COTS) unmanned quadcopters to identify and characterize ice surface features. Presented work at the AMS and PARCA meetings.

Stephen Wolbach (PhD candidate), University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2016 (co-supervisor).

Explored Beaufort Gyre ice-ocean coupling. Assisted with the paper on Arctic Ocean geostrophic circulation 2003-2014 published in The Cryosphere.


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Public Outreach

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